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Estimating Camera Intrinsics from Motion Blur

Here (acm dl version) is the above titled paper, presented at the 11th Conference for Visual Media Production in London 2014. 

Alastair Barber, Matthew Brown, Paul Hogbin & Darren Cosker


Estimating changes in camera parameters, such as motion, focal length and exposure time over a single frame or sequence of frames is an integral part of many computer vision applications. Rapid changes in these parameters often cause motion blur to be present in an image, which can make traditional methods of feature identification and tracking difficult. Here we present a method for estimating the scale changes brought about by change in focal length from a single motion-blurred frame. We also use the results from two seperate methods for determining the rotation of a pair of motion-blurred frames to estimate the exposure time of a frame (i.e. the shutter angle).

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