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'Harry Potter / Weasley' Clock

"The quotation marks mean you can't get done for copyright infingment" - Anon.

My girlfriend is obsessed with the Harry Potter franchise. For Christmas, [...]

Harry Potter / Weasley Clock Part IV - Bringing it all together!

So, all the parts are made as a prototype. At this point I had about two days before I was skipping town to spend christmas with my family (as was my girlfriend) - so I needed to get this finished fast. Please forgive the lack of photos of the builds!

Putting together a circuit:

I didn't want to have to u [...]

Harry Potter / Weasley Clock Part III - Coding

I've lumped all the code for each part of the project together on this page. It's no great elegant work but it gets the job done!

Raspberry Pi:

As I mentioned earlier - all the programming on the Raspberry Pi is done in Python. Sure - it has quite a serious overhead of being interpretted, especially o [...]

Harry Potter / Weasley Clock Part II - Making Stuff Move

Initially, I decided that a stepper motor would be the best choice for the project. I needed something that could rotate through a full 360 degrees in a constant direction (clockwise) and tha [...]

Harry Potter / Weasley Clock Part I - Internet Connected LED

The RPi GPIO Python Libraries provide a good way of accessing the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi in Python. There [...]