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Estimating Camera Intrinsics from Motion Blur

Here (acm dl version) is the above titled paper, presented at the 11th Conference for Visual Media Production in London 2014. 

Alastair Barber, Matthew Brown, Paul Hogbin & Darren C [...]

Estimating Epipolar Geometry With The Use of a Camera Mounted Orientation Sensor

Just noticed that my MSc Thesis (above titled) is now publicly available at the university of Durham's thesis archive. Check it out here if you're interested...

International Computer Vision Summer School 2013

(Originally posted at CDE Blog)


Harry Potter Clock V1.2

I mentioned in one of the last posts about the clock that it ocasionally lost its GPRS connection after being moved to somewhere where the signal wasn't of brilliant quality. To try and rem [...]

'Harry Potter / Weasley' Clock

"The quotation marks mean you can't get done for copyright infingment" - Anon.

My girlfriend is obsessed with the Harry Potter franchise. For Christmas, [...]

Harry Potter / Weasley Clock Part IV - Bringing it all together!

So, all the parts are made as a prototype. At this point I had about two days before I was skipping town to spend christmas with my family (as was my girlfriend) - so I needed to get this finished fast. Please forgive the lack of photos of the builds!

Putting together a circuit:

I didn't want to have to u [...]

Harry Potter / Weasley Clock Part III - Coding

I've lumped all the code for each part of the project together on this page. It's no great elegant work but it gets the job done!

Raspberry Pi:

As I mentioned earlier - all the programming on the Raspberry Pi is done in Python. Sure - it has quite a serious overhead of being interpretted, especially o [...]

Harry Potter / Weasley Clock Part II - Making Stuff Move

Initially, I decided that a stepper motor would be the best choice for the project. I needed something that could rotate through a full 360 degrees in a constant direction (clockwise) and tha [...]